Klimt’s Family

So time ago, while looking for posters with art to frame for my house, I came around with Klimt. Immediately, I fell in love with his late work. I think it express so much. People’s face talk to you and show you their feelings.

One of his art pieces that I love the most is ….

Family. The mother has a very calm and loving face. The child is being protected by both their parents, he sleeps quietly on the arms of his father. The father has a strong muscular arm, that shows he can protect his family. Yet still, it is the mother the one that is holding the whole family. I particularly like this. Even if the father is the one that can physically protect them all, he is showing he is a vulnerable person and he can be protected (on a different way) by his wife.

This art-piece inspires me love and family union. A good relationship between the parents that can provide a calm place for the child to grow in.

Gustav Klimt Family

I also like the colours chosen. They are warm colours. And I enjoy the shapes that Klimt chose to put, which give then a not so portrait kind of look.

How about you? Do you like Klimt? What do you think of this piece? Is there any other that you enjoy better? Any other artist with a similar theme that you like?

Please let me know! I would love to hear your comments and learn about new artist!


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