What do you think about movie’s image on getting married?

Due to my recent marriage, I’ve thinking for some time about this subject. So, we will be posting some thoughts and ideas related to this.
The first thing I would like to talk about is something that has called my attention. 3767277362_31c1f8bae3_oI don’t mean to be negative o to critical. I would just like to make you notice this and hear your opinion. I have recently unveiled the image that TV, movies and sometimes novels show about the importance in women’s life of marriage. Apparently, they should be expecting this day since little girls and should have started planning it since about 5 and THIS day, should be THE MOST important day in their lives.
Deciding to get married and actually getting married have been very important days in my life. I hope I keep until old age every memory I have now of how everything went and all the beautiful things that were said and dedicated to us. However, there is a big difference between that and considering that day the most important in my life. I have graduated from college (a hard one), I have earned scholarships, I have overcome fears, I have performed in theater (once, but still counts), I have gained friends, I have started relationships, I have ended relationships, I have moved away from my parent’s and these are only some of the things I’m very happy I’ve done and are important days in my life. May be if I just talk on a sentimental level, getting married has been a great moment. But I don’t think the most important. If I think like that, then my life is kind of over and I won’t have a great day ever again. And about if I end up getting a divorce?


Getting married doesn’t g
uarantee happiness. We still have to keep this relationship happy and well as it is today. Difficulties will eventually come (even if we don’t want them). And being able to overcome those difficulties and keeping a marriage happy, (truly happy) for many years to come, may be even a greater accomplishment than getting married. Everyone can say “I do”, not everyone can keep a relationship after 10, 20, 5 or even 3 years of marriage. Divorce rates show it.

Even more, what about couples that whatever their reasons don’t decide to get married? Won’t they have achieved anything in their romantic life after making their relationship work through the years? You can’t tell me that they don’t function and act as a married couple.

Cavells Wedding Venue by QueenstownRafting via Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/queenstownrafting/6849353276/)

Cavells Wedding Venue by QueenstownRafting via Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/queenstownrafting/6849353276/)

Sometime it is difficult to avoid getting caught up in the middle of the perfect marriage day and couple that movies project. Everywhere you look you have this image. So this leads to women feeling frustrated or sad or angry (or a mixture of all these) at some times in their lives when they have the supposed marriage age, but aren’t on a relationship. I went through all these before being with my nowadays husband. I want to change this image. I know I won’t’ be able to change Hollywood movies or make a big impact, but I would like to share real people’s stories about how they felt on their marriage day, previously and afterwards.

What do you think romantic movies image is? Has this ever affected you? Do you consider your marriage day the most important day in your life? (if yes, what makes it THE MOST important?)

I will be more than glad to hear your opinions.



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