How long should planning a wedding take?

I don’t know how this started, but there is kind of a popular knowledge that planning a wedding takes a GREAT deal of time, may be about a year or more.

May be because I’m an anxious person or may be because I like to go against the flow, I decided I didn’t want to take a year to plan my wedding. We organized everything in 3 months. And I believe that doing it in 3 months, instead of 2 or 1, was mostly because we had just moved into another city and had relatives that had to travel, so we wanted to tell then in advance to count on their presence.

We had to cope with old maids and old ladies, mentioning that it was probably because I was pregnant. But, that was not the reason.

Credit: Natasha Mileshina

Credit: Natasha Mileshina

We had a great, simple wedding. Great because it was done on a beautiful, old, stilish house, with good, tasty and abundant food. Simple because it was just close familly and friends (around 60 people). Simple, also because many details where made by myself, relatives or friends. (Yes, I even had time to do things myself fro the party).

Even if it was just 3 months, we could enjoy and savor the preparing of the wedding and getting ready for the ceremony. Which in the end was the meaningful and important part of the whole thing.

So, I still don’t understand the planning with so much time in advance. I believe that even I have started a year before, I would have taken the first 2 months and the following 9 I would just have been resting and not doing anything related.

Credit: Luis Sarabia Waiting for the moment to come

Credit: Luis Sarabia
Waiting for the moment to come

How about you? How much time did you take to plan your wedding? Where you planning things the whole time? Did you have a simple wedding?

I would love to hear.



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