Into the wild: Parents’ mistakes generalized

Into the wild. What a great and interesting movie. It shows the adventures and travel that recent college graduate does on his way of falling out of society and going to live on his own (completely on his own) in Alaska.

Besides the story and the fact that it is based on a true story, what I found the most interesting is how it actually shows this boy’s relationship with his parents.


How from wanting to escape from them and some attitudes he doesn’t like about them, he ends up generalizing these into the whole society. While having so much focus on what he disgraced from his parents, he couldn’t see people that where actually good and nice to him. He found the hippies and the man that gave him work and aid him. But that wasn’t enough and he still wanted to go into the wild, into Alaska and out of everyone.

The movie got me thinking. We must have all, have had a moment in our lives (generally at or close to teenage times) in which we find all the mistakes and all that our parents have done. It is true, every parent has things that we don’t like about them. Nevertheless, they still have done some things wright (and many times more than just some things). To start with, you are alive and you are alive at the present moment. So whatever they did wrong, you have to give them credit for that.

The character couldn’t reconcile with them. Learn  to leave what he didn’t like and start appreciating the good. In relation to this, I found really nice the phrase the hippie woman tells the boy: “Go easy on them kid. You seam loved”.


I also found quite real the way money is treated. On his way of leaving society, the character just thinks he can live without money. He donates almost all his money to a charitable foundation before leaving towards Alaska. However, when he meets the hippies they tell him that they have their ideas, they can be against a consuming society and they may want to live their own way. But, they still need food and some things, so they still need money. In order to get it, they sold books.

What a great revelation that when being told it seems so obvious! You may want to live your way, do it. But you will still need to live somewhere on this world and for doing that you will need money.

I truly recommend this film if you haven’t seen it yet. If you did see see it, do you think the same? What other things did you like about it?


3 thoughts on “Into the wild: Parents’ mistakes generalized

    • SJ says:

      Kathleen, thank you very much for your reply. I will definitely read the book, I found the story really interesting.
      I liked the links you sent me. I will try to watch the film. May be I could take some ideas out of it.

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