Humanized pets

Pet’s are actually a company to have around. They can be faithful, guardians, funny and many other things that will make your day. But when I speak of faithful, of funny, of naughty, doesn’t it seem as if I was speaking of a human being?

I have realized that many people tend to humanize pets. Just look at the amounts of merchandizing that there is for them: clothes, shoes, toys, special food as the more simple items that exist. I have also come the conclusion that the moment I longed more for a pet, where moments when I felt lonely. What I was actually wanting, was to fulfill that loneliness feeling and have someone that would be expecting me, a living being that would make me feel someone needed me and I wasn’t alone and give me chores to do.

Could this be the same with other people, that in order to fulfill their loneliness or other flaws of their own, they end filling that space with a dog or cat? And if we realize about this need, couldn’t we fulfill it by doing other tasks on that time like going into a hospital and helping sick people? Would it feel the same?

I think, let’s keep the animals as animals and let’s behave more like human beings. Care more for the others that can give us much more in return. So may be, if case of need, go help another human being, instead of an animal. Just some thoughts.


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