Passing along boring chores

What do you do when you have to do a repetitive, boring task? Sometimes you just have to do something over and over again. You have to do it, it gets boring, and it isn’t mentally challenging. So what do you do as to make the chore go along easier?

I have discovered some time ago podcasts (I know that they have been going around for quite a long time now. But for me they are a recent discovery). So, I have decided that when I have to do something boring and not mentally challenging, I will listen to a podcast I find interesting. I will use at least that time in order to learn something or hear something to think about.


Credit: Alper Tecer

So far, I have listened to a very good podcast about learning basic German. The only problem is that the absolutely beginners level (on which I am) has very few podcasts. So I just learnt how to go into a restaurant and order food.

Another sets of podcasts I have found interesting are Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons. Her Podcasts talk about creativity while interviewing someone. She really gives interesting things to think about or things out on a very interesting way. I find really helpful to hear real people situations or opinions, because if it happened to someone else, if someone could develop or overcome something, then I may be able to acomplish something similar.

How about you? Do you do anything in order to make chores easier and less boring? Any podcasts to recommend? I would definitely like to hear.



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