Challenge #1-Story

I have recently started a writing 7 day challenge. The first challenge was to tell my story. So here is a little bit about it and about what inspired me to start writing. Keep reading if you are interested…

I have recently started this blog. I have kept the idea of starting a blog for many years.

I like writing,

I have ideas that I want to share with the world.

So, starting a blog seemed an easy way of fulfilling both desires.

However, for some reason I can’t tell, I could never sit down and start writing.

The ideas rolled over in my head, but that was it. All I could get.

Nothing out of there, only going around.

Recently, I moved with my husband to a new city.

I moved without a job.

It was easy at first to keep busy.

I had to find a new home (on a city in which it is really difficult to find a rental) and the move all our furniture from one city to the other.

The first couple of moths I was quite busy with all that.

My anxiety was not as big at first, while not being able to find a home, but latter, when I had free time and knew nobody on town.

For a person who is used and likes to do things and can’t help being totally alone for whole days, this was getting me crazy and sad.

That’s the moment I decided to create this blog.

Share with the world what I have in mind.

I expect to thoughtful ideas that will interest people.

I hope then I can write something you will find interesting to read, to comment, you will like and you will share with other people.

Have you ever arrived to a city totally on your own and with no job? How can you meet new people on a new town which has its own rhythm totally different to the one you are used to?



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