Challenge #3 – Helping others

What would you be happy and excited to help others with even if you didn’t get paid? Here’s my answer if you are interested. 

If I think about things that I would like to do, many come into my mind.

I have always liked doing things that

help others,

are useful


hopefully will stick on the future.


(and may be is an excuse),

many times I don’t end up doing those things


they don’t produce money.

You don’t get paid by them and well, you have to earn a living.

I sometimes fantasized,

if I had all the money on the world,

I would dedicate myself to doing work for other.


What work?

Studying, trying, researching, teaching

in what ways people can live more sustainable.

How to grow and / or produce food in your backyards.

You could get something to eat if you don’t have resources


get your own food on a natural way even if you could buy from the grocery store.

I would study if people don’t do more sustainable practices like separating their trash because they don’t know how to do it


because their minds are focused on other more basic subjects, like getting food on their tables.

I would see how can house can be more sustainable,

consume less energy,

loose less energy from windows, doors, ceilings.

And again,

if people aren’t doing those practices because they don’t know


they have other priorities in mind.

I believe this would help

people live better today

people eat better

people live on a more calm way

future generations would have more nature to enjoy

future generations would live better

future generations would remember

To sum up, I would dedicate

to study

To try new things

To diffuse what I learnt

about how to live in a more sustainable way.

From a social level,

from a technical engineering level,

from an agricultural level.

Too idyllic?

Would it be accomplished in some way I could get paid?

What do you think?



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