Challenge #4 – Pride

I had to wake up early in order to answer yesterday’s challenge. Today there will be 2 post, Challenge #4 and challenge #5.

What are you most proud of? My answer may not be very traditional, it’s not about something I’ve done. Come and see if you interested. 

When I think about my pride,

things I’ve done don’t come into mind.

Some actually do.

But they aren’t those things I’m most proud of.


I may be with a boost of self esteem.

But the one thing I’m most proud of myself,

is actually ME and who I am.


Credit: Rachel Titiriga via Flickr

I’m proud of keeping firm convictions

I’m proud to keep myself learning

And listening

And analyzing

(sometimes too much, not so proud of the amount of analyzing I do)


If I get to the point of realizing I was wrong

or it was better some other way around

I change my mind

and I ask for forgiveness if I have to

if I hurt someone on the way

I’m proud of being flexible

I’m proud of being able to recognize my mistakes

and I’m proud I’m able to ask for forgiveness

(It would be better, if I didn’t hurt anyone along the way,

but I’m still proud for asking forgiveness)


But the thing I may be most proud of

is to keep trying

don’t give up

keep trying, and trying and trying

to work things up, to solve problems, to make things better.


So, my little girl

you are proud of yourself


You’ll make it into a revolution



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