Challenge # 5 -What do you do?

So, what are you doing? … Question that has been asked quite a lot lately. 

I moved into a new city with my husband.

Every person we met

come to me and ask:

And what are YOU doing?

I end up feeling bad

as if I’m not doing anything.

I’m working to arrange my house

It’s not easy to settle a home

I’m working on figuring out what I want to do

I’m working to find some job to keep me busy

and bring me money until I figure out what to do

I’m working on giving lessons

I’m working on making my lessons better

I am actually working on many things

May be not getting paid

May be not being with other human beings

(which actually makes me sad)

But I’m working hard to make it into something

I’m working hard to come up of bad days

And there are many of those

when you spend most of your day alone

and don’t know people in town

I am working hard and I will manage to work through it

In the meantime, I am teaching at university a subject about how flows of things can be separated and transported and the equipment involved.


If you are intrigued about what happens here, I can explain it to you.

Its a great opportunity because I’m in charge of the subject,

So I get to choose how things are done

I get to prepare and check exams, and I get the credit for that

I get the chance to explore new ways of teaching and trying to communicate an idea to people

I’m learning to be in charge

and feel that way, even if many tell me

“Oh, you’re the Professor, I though you where one of the students”.

I’m a Professor

I’m working on communicating things in a way that students understand better



2 thoughts on “Challenge # 5 -What do you do?

  1. KQ says:

    It’s not easy to answer that question when you’re not doing what you want in life. I have worked on the answer a bit since discovering Live Your Legend, and I really enjoyed answering recently without mentioning my job (which I don’t feel represents me at all currently).

    It’s tough moving to. A new place, but it will get better. Good luck!


    • SJ says:

      I know, but what I though is that even if I’m not doing what I want, I’m still doing things and learning from all that. And that will help me and will be of use when I get to be doing what I want.


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