Challenge #6 – Creating difference

What difference do you want to make? 

If I could, I would change the world

In many aspects

I’m frequently told

that I’m chasing windmills

Just like Don Quixote

But I believe

I can create change

In a small amount of the world

And that (for starters) would be just fine

Two great differences to promote

Somehow related

Promote a cultural change,

and lead people to live in a more sustainable way

More peaceful,

More related with what they eat (healthy food with known origin)

Doing things more calmly, Grow your food for example

Helping each other more


Create more a sense of community

Keeping each other properties, but helping each other more

That’s is change number one

I see in this a greater challenge.


I guess I will just start

with my second desired change

That will actually help me understand

How to promote the first


I want to tell people stories about different subjects of their lives

This will make a difference in others people’s lives

because that can inspire them

That can give them information

That can make them think

That can help them see that in the end we are pretty much the same


Let’s tell everyone your story! It might help them. Credit: Local studies NSW via Flickr

That can help promote a more respectful world

Ignore competitiveness

Ignore being wrong

Ignore being told what to do

I will just tell you my story (or others stories)

So that you can take what’s good for you



Even the dog can learn from it! Credit: Scottish Libraries via Flickr

Promote an open mind

Promote to understand each other more

Even if you still wouldn’t do, what the other has done,

You could get to know the other

Know what goes on on their mind.

By this change I will start.

All I have to do,

is know what to ask

so that you’ll share with me your story

and I can make the world think.

I want to promote thoughtful discussions about different subjects in life. Think more, try to do things that are important, essential, natural. Keep buying things, fast food, fast solutions, being angry to the lowest. Ask more questions and don’t take everything for granted. Get to know each other more and those around you.

I would love to know what the world has to say!



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