Challenge #7 – Next steps

Today is the last post of part of this challenge in which I have enrolled. The assigned question for today was: What revolution will you lead? But…

There is something on the world revolution that has a negative connotation for me. I associate it with

fighting and violence

putting ideas into people’s head


having them follow you and don’t think for themselves.

I prefer to redefine the question into: What change will I make.

Which is actually yesterday’s post. You are invited to look at in, in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Taking the into consideration the change that I want, I have decided I will posting a real dialog with someone. Starting once every 15 days.

The idea is that you can take something out of it.

Something useful,

some idea,

some way of solving a problem,

just a smile,

some tender feeling towards the world,

making you feel happy.

Anything that reading that story will provoke.

I’m already preparing the first dialog.

We’ll met again tomorrow, I will still be publishing other posts throughout every week day.



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