Real Love

There is a moment in every relationship

in which it has to go through a crisis

in order to get from romantic, mushy, sweet love

to real, caring, affective love. 

That’s one of the greatest challenges

A relationship has to overcome

The disappointment of finding

that the other one is real


Some time ago while still dating my husband,

we got into that point

We came from a great relationship

I had felt almost immediately comfortable to speak to him about anything

I liked him

He made me laugh

We got along really well

And everything seemed perfect

All hearts and puppy love


Credit: Moyan Brenn via Flickr

But then, and without really saying it was a crisis,

it appeared

It was difficult to understand what was going on

We were fine, getting along

but for some reason unknown, a discussion came by



Credit: Greg Jordan via Flickr

We talked for long hours

We said the same things

I cried

We both got frustrated,

nothing was concluded

That pattern repeated again and again

It got a moment in which I was crying

almost 3 times a week

I couldn’t understand what was going on

I couldn’t understand him

And I was afraid we were losing our relationship


What was really going on?

Easy to say now

We had seen the real human being

I had discovered he was no prince charming

He had discovered I was no sleeping beauty

we were both frighten

that the other one didn’t want the same future

Until one day,

I though that if I had to cry so much

then the relationship wouldn’t work

So, after taking some time to grieve

Decided to give one last chance for talking

and if we repeated the same,

then it should end


Exposing the possibility of actually losing each other

Made us be more open to understandment

That could be our last talk

So, lest better hear right

Seeing a real end line

made us be able to take each other place

May be we weren’t wanting different things

but just expressing it seemly like that,

because I’m afraid

that you might be asking me to give away

what I won’t give up.



Credit: Benurs via Flickr

Rock bottom was hit

From there it just went up

I realized some things

I don’t like about him

I cannot change

But I can still ask for some little change

for what really bothers me.


And from there it went up

Not just a prince charming and his princess

But a man and a woman

Truly Loving each other

with their flaws and all their greatness

Sharing what life has to give each other



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