The story of a man I knew

The first little writing about an old man I knew. He passed away a couple of years ago. But I still value something from his story. Keep reading… 

Here’s the story of a man I knew

Not too well

But he taught me

a thing or two


He was honest, really honest

Almost considered stupid

Since he paid every bill he got

Even the ones nobody cared for

He worked hard, really hard

Every day since 16, until 88

he woke up at 5 am

And into the field he went

To labor the land

He deeply cared for his family,

In his own way

An antique manly way

Whenever someone was sad

He worked harder to gain the money

To buy what was needed

But he never offered a hug


Have you known other cases in which men care like that their family? Any current case?



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