Two little thoughts on sleep. What do you when you have a a cold? 

Sleep, much needed rest

Repairing energies comes at last

Feel free to show us in a dream

a movie for the night

Will it be about what I did today?

What I’m frighten of?

Or may be about what I want to create.

All I ask,

is that when I wake up

I’m able to recall more than just some thoughts

Don’t take the movie back

into the end of the mind


My nose is runy,

My head hurts,

My body aches

I no need no magic pill

All I need is some sleep

Repair my body

please comfy bed

and bring me back my health

Sleep, sleep

until you feel well

Your body will tell

Then, you will go out and play.

What do you do when you have a cold? Do you sleep until you are well or take pills?


PS: I’m with a cold right now that’s why I’m taking a little break from the blog and I’m just sleeping.


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