What do you do when no one tells you what to do?

What do you, when no one tells you what to do?

I’ve realized,

that since kids

most of us are told what to do at every time:

Run, play, study, work, cook, talk

No room left for creativity

This is considered just for using a little

on the remaining times

of activities in which we are told what to do.

And many times, not even that,

if not boredom wouldn’t exist.


What do you when no one tells you what to do?

I master quite well this subject,

but, only when I’m busy with other activities.

Then, I organize myself as to be able to do

other things I like and enjoy

on those little moments of free time.

When I have too much free time,

contrary to what would be thought

I fall into the immensity of too much free time

and not having activities in between,

so, what do I do?

What do you do, when no one tells you what to do? What do you with your kids, when they tell you they are bored?



4 thoughts on “What do you do when no one tells you what to do?

  1. John R. Stewart says:

    You know, it’s funny. I am single and live alone so no one really tells me what to do. No one really has since I was about 17. That left a lot of time for disaster. Discipline, direction are good things to have in ones life, however a healthy does of the two seem to be most effective.

    I do find, however, when I do what makes me happy, like express my creativity (whether writing on a blog or fiddling with code), or doing yoga and meditating I am the happiest.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Dequiana Jackson says:

    I like the freedom of not having anyone tell me what to do, and I try not to be so structured with my daughters. If they tell me they’re bored, sometimes I tell them to figure something out. That can lead to them getting creative with art projects or us doing something fun together.

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    • SJ says:

      Dequiana thank you for your comments! I know having that freedom is quite beautiful. But I sometimes need some structure, even minimal so that I can profit at most from that freedom. I think it’s a great answer for your daughters, they will surely grow up to be creative persons!


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