House wife couturier

This is the story of a 60 year old that I know. It’s a true story. The names have been changed for privacy issues. 

Elizabeth married young, at 20.

She married her high school boyfriend.

She became a house wife.

She cooks, she cleans, she organizes everything around the house.

She had kids, 3: 2 boys and 1 girl.

She raised them all

She devoted quite a lot to their education

and caring for them.

Even when they were already raised

it was difficult for her to see that

and let them go.


Exactly the same as the first sewing machine in which she gave her first stitches. It belonged to her mother. Credit: Jim Hammer via Flickr

While still recently married, money was scarce.

Only her husband worked.

She decided to try something and do things herself.

She took a sewing course

and starting making her kids clothes





The valorous work of sewing, cutting down the pieces. Credit: A Rosa resendes via Flickr

After trying, reading magazines,

trying more, sewing and re sewing

She got a lot of experience

She even made her daughter’s weeding dress

But she never felt confident enough

as to go out and sell the beautiful pieces she makes.


Do you know any similar stories? Do you sow clothes at your house? Know any housewife who does? What do you think of this practice today?



4 thoughts on “House wife couturier

  1. Tamyka Washington says:

    My grandmother owned a sewing table with the machine attached. I remember being a little girl sitting underneath admiring all of the details wishing I knew how to work it. I never learned, but always admired those who could create clothes and blankets.


    • SJ says:

      It does seem as a great mystery for those who don’t know how to sow. It’s never too late to learn, you could recover your grandmother’s sewing machine and start!


  2. homereferee says:

    I sew pjs for my three kids and myself, dresses for my daughters and myself, and have sewn tons of other clothing and useful things. The art of sewing is dying. Shopping frugally for the materials to make it a viable option to purchasing clothing takes time and planning. My middle daughter has been in sewing classes thru her 4H club for four years, and the number of students is dwindling. Our club is known for its sewers as well, so that’s an even bigger indication of the trend. I’d love to see it gain in popularity with the young.


    • SJ says:

      It’s a great art (because all it implies it should be considered an art). It’s a pity young generations are going for the easiest way and just buying things. I always noticed how Elizabeth’s daughter with pride said “My Mom made it” every time someone commented on her clothes. There is a sense of pride on carrying clothes made by yourself of others you know. Keep sewing and I’m glad your daughter learnt the art as well!


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