Children feeling embarrassed

After reading this blog post (and its comments) on A Cup of Jo about children feeling embarrassed by their parents, I started to think: What is actually the real cause of our embarrassment?

Could it be that we feel embarrassed because we care too much about other people’s opinions?

Most of the situations commented on the blog were about kids on their teen days.

Well, that is actually a period in which you crave so much to feel belonging to your friend’s group,

that you just want to be similar to them

Have the same likes,

Do the same things,

Be like them and feel the belonging to a group.

So, if your parent’s (or any relative of yours), come out doing something

out of the “normal”,

then, insecurities would arise, and what would others think?!

I have an “estrange” parent,

may be they will treat me different, may be they won’t like me,

may be I won’t make friends,

what will they think if they associate me with that person??

We should live feeling OK with people ding things differently,

being a little “awkward”,

embracing their creativity

and care more about what we think of those people, instead of others.

I think we should apply that into our lives,

and teach our children to feel that way.



How about you, what do think? Have you recovered from your parent’s embarrassments? Do you think it is related to what I mentioned? How do you teach your children not to feel embarrassed?



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