Expressing embarrassement

While searching for a photo to complete my last post, I’ve realized the image sent when someone feels embarrassed.

Most photos were of people hiding their head.

Not wanting to be seen.

Trying to “disappear” from this world because

of they had just done

or other related to them have just done.

I found it interesting,

it kind of goes back into a primitive (or childish) state

in which you associate that if your face can’t be seen,

then the world “can’t see you”.


Even the duck feels embarrassed

I do it myself whenever I feel ashamed,

and I also add the typical laugh

that says “I don’t know what to do,

or how to get out of this moment,

so I laugh”.

How about you? How do you respond when you feel ashamed? How do you think we could care less for other people’s opinions?



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