My embarrassment story

This is my embarrassment story as a teen.

Whenever I went out on weekends, my parents would go and pick me up.

It didn’t matter what until what time I went out

12 pm, 2 am, 4 am

my parents would go and pick me up.



I felt like this, even when being 17 Credit: DVA 28 via Flickr

At that time, I felt really embarrassed.

I felt like a little girl who couldn’t go anywhere

Whenever I knew it was close to the time I would be picked up,

I started to feel nervous, knowing that at any minute

somebody would say: “Josi, they are here to pick you up”.



Looking back in retrospective,

I realize that:

  • my parents were actually taking care of me

May be on an overprotective way, but there was care involved

  • I was actually “better” positioned than my friends,

whose parents would never pick them up

and when time to go came, were asking for lifts

or risking themselves taking any cab on the street

or walking by themselves on dark streets

  • I shouldn’t have cared about what my friends thought,

but I should have arranged things differently with my parents



How about you? Could you learn something from your embarrassment situations? I would love to know



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