The best parenting advice

Whenever there is a new mom,

specially if it is her first kid,

everybody goes and gives her advice

about how is THE BEST way to care for the baby.

So far this is for me the best advice.


You are going to be told

hold him like this,

don’t hold him like that!

breastfeed him until 2

breastfeed him until 6 months, no more!

Let him sleep with you

He should have his own bed since born

These are the “experienced” parents advice


There is also the “scientific” advice that goes as:

“It has been discovered that it is best if

moms stay at home with their babies”

“It has been proved that kids whose mom

work are happier and more independent adults”

And the list goes on.

Too much information?

Contrary opinions?


 What’s best for some may not be good for you

Whats best for most may still be not great for you

So, decide by yourself whats best for you and your family

If you have / want to work, go

You’ll find somebody that will take good care of your kid while you’re away

and you’ll have your few but very cherishable moments

of love and joy with your son / daughter.

If you can / want to stay at home, do it

You’ll be able to capture every moment of their lives

You decide what’s good for you and your family

And as long as you love, listen and give them what they need,

Your children will grow up fine.

Listen more to yourself

and to what your inner-self is telling you

more than the world’s opinion.

That’s what I think.



What’s your experience with your kids? Did you listen to other’s advice? Was it helpful or overwhelming to hear so many opinion?



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