Is everything on the web?

After having taken some days off after the holidays, here I come again.

Today I will post a piece written by my very good friend F. I really liked what she wrote because I found the subject so real. Even if we haven’t been born with internet we tend to live as it has always been there and there is no life with out it. And as younger generations become older (the ones that actually have lived all their lives with internet), this dilemma will grow even bigger.

So, here I leave you with this great piece. Enjoy! and please share you comments afterwards.

Is everything on the web?

At the school library where I work the director and the main librarian have decided to get rid of many books. They got rid of encyclopedias, magazines, audio tapes, biographies and world atlas. Me, I am a keeper. It takes me a huge effort to get rid of anything. It’s easier for me to come up with some alternative use of old stuff rather than to put it on a bag and never see it again.

We tend to believe all this and more is available on the WWW and much easier to find. Credit: Stephanie Lafayette via Flickr

However, the reason the authorities claimed was “all of this is in the Internet”. I was shocked. I managed to keep a biographic encyclopedia by the author Cutolo by assuring the main librarian that such material was not digitalized and available in the Internet. She looked at me in a twisted way, so I added “if you find it let me know and we get rid of it”. Of course, she didn’t even look it up.
(Note from SJ: I did look it up and if that book is available on the web, it is not so easy to find it. It doesn’t come up right away you google it.)
What do you think? Is everything in the Internet or is there much more around us that can’t be reachable by the means of a keyboard and the world wide web?

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