Big – Stream of Consciousness

I have “joined” a Stream of Consciousness challenge ( Each week some prompt is posted and then you write about it. This is my post for today.

Some Stream of Consciousness that came out from a film title: Big.

(By the way, great  classic movie that I totally adore with a great actor as Tom Hanks).

Everyone wants to be big, bigger, some way they are not right now and for some reason bigger its considered always better. Why not smaller? Why compare? If something is the right size then no one would say it’s bigger, smaller, the smallest, the biggest if we didn’t compare with something else. I like houses with a right size. Neither big nor small, just right for people to live in, be easy to clean, that don’t show off because of their size and that don’t attract burglars because of their size. But I also like to have a right amount of space so that I don’t walk into walls or I don’t have to pile up people that live in it. That size may be right for me and not right for you. Although according to general architecture designs that minimum space available for the not pilling up people has been studied. So the minimum amount of house space needed is kind of the same for every person that lives on a house. How about we stop comparing and stop using adjectives? They may be needed in order to do descriptions and their use can get quite poetic and beautiful, but I can also get destructive.

Big? No, right amount of space.

Bigger? Why?

Smaller? Why?

Just compare if it is needed.



3 thoughts on “Big – Stream of Consciousness

  1. LindaGHill says:

    Great stream of consciousness post! Big, or any size for that matter, is relative and very much depends on the observer.
    Thanks so much for joining in SoCS! Just a tip – the earlier you get your post in, the more people will see it. 🙂


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