Stop thinking, and give me some rest

New Stream of Consciousness writing! (From Stream of consciousness Saturday I hope you enjoy, I love this writing style.  

What do I write that starts with what?

Wow! Too many ideas on my head. Too many things going around. Worries, dreams, ideas, things to be done, things that I would like to do, plans, dialogs not made, dialogs pending, dialogs with myself.

It’s just tiresome!

How so many things can go through my head at once. How can all those things be around and not giving peace and quietness to the mind, to the soul. If I could just shut up a little all those things going on, I could do more things. But how do I do that? While I write I realize about all that I think. I think, I think, I think. Please shut up and do! Let me do, Let me concentrate, let me go out and play! I want to cry, I want to scream, it’s not the first time so much goes on around in my head and those moments where the one I needed more rest. I need activities to keep myself busy, to distract my mind and let me rest. Let me rest, oh please, just let me rest and live.

I want to have silent when I want.

I try to meditate, but no.

All these things from the past, from the present, the fears and plans for the future come there once and again and just don’t let me meditate, don’t let me rest, don’t me… go

I stop writing for some seconds and at least for that time my mind is quiet

Just like after running you feel so tired that your minds just shuts up.

I should go back to running.

Or keep writing

Or run and write (not at the same time)

This seems to tire my body, and give me some rest.

Run, I’ll go back to running

Write, I’ll keep on writing.



6 thoughts on “Stop thinking, and give me some rest

  1. shanjeniah says:

    It’s amazing how many thoughts I have while meditating, The only thing that seems to help is letting them pass, and returning, every time I realize I’m thinking, to the focal point. Also, tai chi and swimming are very meditative for me.

    It takes time and practice, but I’m seeing gradual improvements, and i’m definitely calmer and more centered the rest of the time. So, even if I’m not ‘good’ at it, I’m better than I was, and so I’ll keep on going.

    Wishing you the comfort of quiet.

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  2. Suzanne says:

    That’s an excellent stream of consciousness. That’s exactly what’s it like some days. Good luck with focusing – running sounds like a brilliant way of putting some of those endless thoughts to rest- and writing – of course

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