Break up

Inspired on a friend’s recent break up I wrote this piece. I think that in many things it would help many women you have just broken up and are going through their mourning period. So read it, enjoy it, hope it can help anybody out there.

Feel free to share comments, tell if it helped or say anything you need.


Credit: Henning Mühlinghaus via Flcikr

Dear friend

I know that is hard what you are going through.

Suddenly, all those dreams, plans, love

that person next to you and all you imagined together

are gone!

emptiness appears

Dialogs in your head come at silent times

“Do I have to start all over again?

And my plans? And my time? and my age?

So much wasted time that lead nowhere

and now I’m older and much far away from my plans.”

I know,

It hurts to feel like that.

But, without willing to sound self help book,

let me tell you some things:


If you decided together that it was best to break up, then in the future is for the best.

Now it hurts because of the caring you had for each other.

But it’s better now than some years from now, when things got even more complicated.


If it was a one side decision, then it is much better.

That shows how the relationship was, one taking important decisions.

So really repeat yourself that this is better.

And when you feel recovered please notice the pattern so that you don’t repeat it again.


Old or young is a relative description.

You decide when your time is right.

So don’t let society or anybody around you tell you that it was time

you got married or it was time you had children.

When you find someone right for you,

things will go over rails

and it doesn’t matter if now it took 5, 3 or 8 years

and lead nowhere.


If you are with that plan and find someone that suits your life plan,

things will flow and you’ll get where you want

probably even faster than before.


make sure you understand this:

you are on the right age and moment

to be where you are!



… To be continued

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