Break up – part two

Let’s continue getting well through a break up. Keep on reading what we left behind yesterday.

You’ll get your plan when it’s right.

This was not wasted time in your life.

It didn’t lead to where you thought.

But it was definitely not wasted time.

When you feel well enough to go through the relationship again in your head.

Think about all the things,

all the positive you took from that relationship.


You probably have grown quite a lot

and learnt many things along the way

So take all that

It belongs to you,

it’s your right to take all that with you.

And also,

but when you can do it without anger or despise

analizeĀ what you didn’t like

learn from that

so in the future you know what you don’t want.

Knowing that is also a positive thing.

I don’t know what I want right know,

but I definitely don’t want to have my feet wet.

Ok, so you see I’ll cross down one thing to look for,

that leaves out one option

There are still many.

And one last thing

Hollywood made much damage on women

To be continued tomorrow for the closure…

Do you agree with the last sentence. How do you think Hollywood has damaged women?

See you tomorrow!


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