Break up – Final

The last part of my break up message. If you missed the first two parts here are the links to the first and the second.

Enjoy and feel better!

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If one part of your sadness is that you lost your one and only

Let me tell you, and I definitely believe this,

there isn’t a one and only true love

one soul mate and that’s it.

There are women and there are men out there on the world

Each have their lives, their plans, their values,

what they want in life.

When those plans, values, visions are shared on the most part

on the important things

and both are attracted to each other,

then you have a working relationship.

Many people share values,

many people share plans

Many people want similar things in life.

So any person willing similar things to you,

will be a good life partner

(as long as you are attracted to each other

big important detail that would make

the difference between a friend and a lover).

Have your mourning period

It’s necessary to close your wound.

But that wound soon will be just a scar left in your skin.

An important relationship

that you will always remember

with its good and with its bad

But just a scar left there.

And this moment that seems so bad right now

will be a starting point of something new.

You are seeking change,

you need change,

you will go forward it

and eventually, this moment will be

“I had just broken up with my boyfriend of that moment,

so I decided to … “

You fill in that blank!


I’m here any time that you need me.

Just let me know.

I send you a very big and caring hug.

I hope you feel well soon!

A little picture I found funny and nice.


Credit: Moyan Bren via Flickr


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