Go easy on yourself

A little letter to your self. Just for when we over criticize or over  think everything that we do. 

Dear self,

go easy on yourself.

So you still don’t have figured out what you want to do.

That’s fine, it’s only temporal.

You WILL find your answer. You are trying different things.

Each thing that you try and discard, is an step closer to where you want to get.

Still unfigured, true.

But once you find it, you will know it.

You have an idea. It is just covered under the mist.

However, the jobs that you didn’t like are because they didn’t fit YOU.

they don’t fit with that place towards where you are going.

Trust yourself that you will eventually get there.

Keep trying different things.

Not just anything that comes along.

But things with which you get enthusiastic of starting.

That means that something is right.

It may not work. But you have tried.

And you will have learnt something new.

Eventually the fog will disperse.

And you will see clearly.

I trust that you can make it.

If I don’t trust yourself, then you probably won’t get anywhere.

And I trust you.

I sometimes get disappointed, because I also want to get there.

But I know that you will make it.

Keep the hopes up,

keep doing things,

keep researching, thinking and being inquisitive

I guarantee that we will both see us happy by doing what we enjoy most,

by working on something we love.

I will get there.


And just go easy on yourself.



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